Vijay Mallya appointed as the new finance minister of Greece

Note: This post was first published on the NTMN blog on Quora. It is a satire on the economic crisis that Greece faced in the midst of 2015.

In a dramatic turn of events, the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has appointed Vijay Mallya as the finance minister of Greece. The announcement was made after Greece failed to pay back another IMF loan.

The decision has received mixed responses from the citizens and the media, Mr. Tsipras has decided to hold a referendum to validate his decision on Sunday.

“We need someone like Vijay as the finance minister,” Tsipras announced, “Vijay is a seasoned campaigner. He has managed to survive even after defaulting a Rs. 7000 crore loan; we are hoping that he will help us deal with this situation as well. Such an acumen and ability is not to be found easily in men, and Greece could benefit from his experiences in these troubled times.”

Vijay Mallya is expected to roll out major policy changes to revitalise the Greek economy and bring the “good times” back. According to sources, he has already started creating new jobs to address the ever-growing unemployment rate in Greece. The ladies are getting offers to become kingfisher models or cheerleaders whereas the males are being recruited as Kingfisher Airlines pilots.
It has been reported that the pilots will not receive any salary, yet, the employed status will do the dismal stats a whole lot of good.


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