A Rant on Reservation

The issue of reservation has been a hot topic of debate in mainstream and social media for a long time. While conflicting views prevail, each individual lies on one of the two ends of the spectrum, either advocating for it or vehemently opposing it. The problem, however, is not with the idea of reservations, it has got more to do with the premise on which it is based.

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Understanding a Stock Quote

A stock quote is a compact representation of all the relevant pieces of information attached to a stock. They can be accessed either in newspapers or online. Irrespective of the source, most stock quotes always describe a few basic parameters concerned with a stock. Following is a stock quote of American Express Co. taken from Yahoo Finance. This post draws meaningful inferences out of a stock quote. Continue reading

The trap of the sunk cost fallacy

The other day while browsing through my feed on Quora, I came across this wonderful concept of economics which can be extrapolated to the realms of psychological decision-making and was surprisingly intrigued by its impact on our lives. The sunk cost fallacy affects us in a subtle manner almost every day and we being completely oblivious to its existence let it get the better of us. However, the mere realisation that it exists can do wonders to our productivity and our decision-making abilities. Continue reading

Unravelling the enchanting mystery of poems

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.

And miles to go before I sleep.

Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening“, the magical creation of Robert Frost beautifully summarises the essence of human lives. Our heart is tempted at various junctures to devote ourselves entirely to pleasure, we wish to savour the beautiful moments for a little longer but the pressure of obligations is what keeps us going and that is how life is supposed to be.

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Rexit: Taking note of Raghuram Rajan’s achievements as RBI governor


Raghuram Rajan: The hero India needed but not the one India deserved

Raghuram Rajan, perhaps the only ‘Rockstar’ in the world who is not an entertainer, commands an immense amount of respect globally for his strong grip on matters of economics. Taking the charge of the RBI Governor when the Indian economy was in a state of despair, Rajan has performed exceptionally well. His resume is too good to be true. Continue reading

On Simplicity and Virat Kohli

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication~ Leonardo Da Vinci

Our lives are enigmatic these days. In fact, we insist on making it complicated. We are so obsessed with complexities that we like to adopt mannerisms and habits that are modern, different and unique. While creativity and improvisation may work for some people (the outliers), it is the adoption of simplicity that requires a great deal of self-restraint and produces more consistent results for the commoners. Continue reading