Energy analytics: success stories

Note: This post was first published on the CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad’s blogIn part 1 of this series, we looked at the opportunity in energy analytics and how it can help individuals and organisations in energy savings, cost reduction and effective maintenance. In this post, we look at some prominent energy analytics startups that have successfully cracked this seemingly complex market. Continue reading


Energy analytics: the opportunity

Note: This post was first published on the CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad’s blogThis is the first part of a 3-part series on energy analytics and the opportunities for startups in this area.

Energy is the source of life on earth and in today’s global scenario, holds more strategic value than any other commodity. While the ongoing search for alternative fuels has gained a lot of momentum in the past few years, the ever-growing rate of depletion of conventional sources of energy is a cause of concern for all of us. Continue reading

A Rant on Reservation

The issue of reservation has been a hot topic of debate in mainstream and social media for a long time. While conflicting views prevail, each individual lies on one of the two ends of the spectrum, either advocating for it or vehemently opposing it. The problem, however, is not with the idea of reservations, it has got more to do with the premise on which it is based.

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Understanding a Stock Quote

A stock quote is a compact representation of all the relevant pieces of information attached to a stock. They can be accessed either in newspapers or online. Irrespective of the source, most stock quotes always describe a few basic parameters concerned with a stock. Following is a stock quote of American Express Co. taken from Yahoo Finance. This post draws meaningful inferences out of a stock quote. Continue reading