On writing SOPs and application essays

The statements of purpose (SOPs) or essays form an integral part of many application processes. The purpose may vary but the approach is more or less the same. In this post, I’ll highlight some important points that I’ve gathered through my experience and I hope that it helps you in the process of compiling the essays. Continue reading “On writing SOPs and application essays”


On the meaning of success

Success literally means to achieve fame, wealth or respect. But, I believe that this is a very flawed way of looking at things. Let’s take the example of a mother. She wakes up early in the morning, prepares lunch for her kids, gets them ready for school, helps them with their homework and makes a wide range of sacrifices just to ensure that her child gets the best Continue reading “On the meaning of success”

Why not planning for the future is the best plan

I have always been of the view that everything should be meticulously organised. A firm believer in the conventional way of doing things, I had a well thought out plan ready for each and every situation that I might encounter in the future. Most of the times, it has also involved having a backup ready in case things don’t go as planned. Continue reading “Why not planning for the future is the best plan”