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Game of Thrones to be included in the engineering curriculum

Note: This post was first published onĀ NTMN. The premise of the article was the huge anticipation surrounding the release of the fifth season of the popular TV show Game of Thrones. It is a satire on the new found obsession of the youth with these western serials, which is sometimes blown out of proportions.

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Why not planning for the future is the best plan

I have always been of the view that everything should be meticulously organised. A firm believer in the conventional way of doing things, I had a well thought out plan ready for each and every situation that I might encounter in the future. Most of the times, it has also involved having a backup ready in case things don’t go as planned. Continue reading

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The trap of the sunk cost fallacy

The other day while browsing through my feed on Quora, I came across this wonderful concept of economics which can be extrapolated to the realms of psychological decision-making and was surprisingly intrigued by its impact on our lives. The sunk cost fallacy affects us in a subtle manner almost every day and we being completely oblivious to its existence let it get the better of us. However, the mere realisation that it exists can do wonders to our productivity and our decision-making abilities. Continue reading

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